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The Circle Network stands as Bangladesh’s premier FTP movie server, offering an extensive collection of movies and TV shows for entertainment enthusiasts. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Circle Network, learn how to access it, and explore its significance in the realm of digital entertainment.

Understanding the Circle Network

The Circle Network is a virtual haven for movie lovers, facilitating seamless access to a wide range of movies and TV shows. It operates on an FTP server, ensuring lightning-fast download speeds and a user-friendly experience.

1. Accessing the Circle Network

To access the Circle Network’s vast collection of movies and TV shows, users must be connected through Nationwide ISP. This ensures that only authorized users can enjoy the platform’s entertainment offerings.

2. Extensive Movie Collection

The Circle Network boasts an extensive library of the latest movies and telefilms, making it the go-to destination for entertainment seekers in Bangladesh.

3. Reliable Performance

Though some IP addresses may experience occasional errors, the majority of the listed IPs on the Circle Network remain operational and provide a smooth user experience.

Circle Network Server IP List

Below is a list of the Circle Network server’s IP addresses, granting users access to a wide array of entertainment options:

The Significance of the Circle Network Movie Server

The Circle Network movie server serves as a cloud-based storage system housing an extensive collection of movies and TV shows. Users can easily access and download their favorite content from this platform.

1. Security Considerations

It is essential to avoid visiting third-party websites to protect personal data and computer systems from potential virus-infected files. Sticking to the official Circle Network server ensures a risk-free experience.

Circle Network FTP Server List

The following is the Circle Network FTP server list, offering users the opportunity to enjoy free movies and TV shows:


FAQs about the Circle Network

  1. What is the Circle Network? The Circle Network is an FTP movie server in Bangladesh, offering seamless access to a vast collection of movies and TV shows.
  2. How can I access the Circle Network server? To access the Circle Network server, connect through Nationwide ISP for authorized access to its entertainment offerings.
  3. Is the Circle Network FTP server safe to use? Yes, the Circle Network FTP server is safe, provided you access it through official IP addresses and avoid third-party websites with potential risks.
  4. Can I collaborate with others on the Circle Network platform? Absolutely! The Circle Network’s user-friendly interface enables effortless file sharing and collaboration, making it ideal for professionals and creatives.
  5. Are all IP addresses on the Circle Network list operational? While some IP addresses may experience errors, the majority remain reliable, granting users a smooth experience on the platform.
  6. Is the Circle Network limited to entertainment services only? No, the Circle Network also serves as a valuable platform for professionals and businesses to collaborate, share files, and enhance productivity.


The Circle Network has emerged as a digital powerhouse in Bangladesh, catering to the entertainment needs of movie enthusiasts. By accessing its vast collection of movies and TV shows through the authorized IP addresses, users can experience the true potential of the Circle Network in redefining the way we enjoy digital entertainment.

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