Top 17 BDIX FTP Server List – High Speed Servers 2023

Living in Bangladesh and don’t know about the BDIX FTP server list, It’s not possible because they are highly renowned for their fast high speed servers.

Today we are going to unleash them one by one. So, without wasting any more time let’s find them together.

BDIX FTP Server List
BDIX FTP Server List

BDIX FTP Server List

BDIX FTP servers are a type of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server that is commonly used in Bangladesh to host websites, transfer large files, and share files with others. BDIX stands for “Bangladesh Internet Exchange,” and refers to a network of servers and other infrastructure that are used to connect various internet service providers (ISPs) and other organizations in Bangladesh.

Top BD FTP Server List

To set up a BDIX FTP server, you will need a computer that is running a compatible operating system (such as Windows or Linux) and has a static IP address. You will also need to install FTP server software, such as FileZilla or and configure it with the necessary settings, such as user accounts and permissions.

Once the BDIX FTP server is set up and running, you can use FTP client software to connect to the server and transfer files. To do this, you will need to enter the server’s IP address and login credentials into the FTP client. From there, you can browse the server’s file directory and transfer files to and from the server as needed.

One of the benefits of using a BDIX FTP server is that it allows you to easily share files with others within Bangladesh. You can simply provide others with the necessary login credentials and they can connect to the server and access the files you want to share. This is especially useful for teams or organizations that need to collaborate on projects and share large files.

Overall, BDIX FTP Server List is a useful tool for transferring and sharing files over the internet in Bangladesh. Whether you’re looking to host a website, transfer large files, or collaborate with others, a BDIX FTP server can provide a convenient and efficient way to do so

FTP servers are a dependable and effective choice for file transfers. Particularly in Bangladesh, BDIX FTP servers List are in high demand due to their blazing-fast transfer rates and robust security features. But it can be challenging to decide which server is best for you with so many options available. To assist you in making a wise choice, we have produced a list of the best FTP servers on BDIX.

We’ll start with Sam Online FTP Server. This server, which has an IP address of, is well-known for its remarkable dependability and performance. Large file transfers are a breeze with it, and even people who aren’t familiar with FTP servers will find it simple to use because of its intuitive UI.

The super FTP server comes next. This server has a number of amazing characteristics, such as a large storage capacity and cutting-edge security mechanisms. It is perfect for companies and organizations that frequently need to transport big amounts of data.

Another preferred option among server users is FTPBD. This server provides limitless storage and a user-friendly UI that make managing your files simple. It is also renowned for its lightning-fast transfer rates, which makes it ideal for people who need to send large files rapidly.

FTP Server BD is an excellent alternative. With its extensive capabilities and well-known stability and security, this server is ideal for companies and organizations that need to transport sensitive data.

Our last option is the BD FTP server. High-speed data transfers and cutting-edge security measures are two of this server’s best qualities. It is appropriate for companies and organizations that frequently need to transport big amounts of data.

Overall, it’s critical to take into account your unique wants and requirements when looking for the best FTP servers in BDIX. There is a server that can fulfil your needs, regardless of whether you prioritize speed, security, or storage capacity. You’ll be well on your approach to discovering the ideal FTP server for your requirements by taking into account the choices in this list.

When you’re looking for a top FTP server in BDIX FTP Server List, you can’t go wrong with any of the options listed above. These servers are known for their speed, reliability and advanced features, which make them perfect for businesses and individuals alike.

So if you want to make file transfers more efficient and secure, check out one of these top FTP servers of the BDIX FTP Server List.

How to Find the Best FTP Server

On the page, you will find the best FTP servers in Bangladesh. So you can easily find your server from here. First, go to the top of the page and look for a search box at the top of the server on this page. You just put the address of your Wi-Fi provider and search. You can easily find your FTP server address. If you need this kind of information, feel free to visit our site.

How does the Bdix server work?

BDIX stands for Bangladesh-based FTP server bd. It is provided by a Wi-Fi operator or broadband. Originally, it was only used by Wi-Fi users and was a very high-demand server.

BDIX server is like any other FTP server BD but the problem is that it does not provide public access only to Wi-Fi users. If a Wi-Fi user wants to upload data, he needs to download an entire folder with all the content like a PDF. As with my other servers, a BDIX user needs to specify a file and all data will be uploaded to that file. Some files are available for download on our website.

What is the difference between the BDIX server and the uploaded file server? One of the biggest differences between BDIX servers and uploaded file servers is that BDIX servers are free for the public to download data provided by Wi-Fi users. By downloading these files, they can freely use them in their applications like cameras, netbooks, etc.


So BDIX is a very simple and easy wi-fi-based FTP server bd is best to use. But so far it is not enough. It needs a major upgrade for optimal availability and they are working on it. Thanks to the BDIX staff for the quick work.