Ibox FTP Server 2023 [Updated❤️]

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Ibox FTP Server is another biggest FTP Server in Bangladesh. At this time there are so many FTP servers in BD. And they work very fast and they give a wonderful performance.

Since there are so many FTP Servers in BD, that’s why we can get these FTP servers more updated and fulfilled than before.

About Ibox

ISP companies like Ibox and other broadband companies are always competing with each other only because of gaining their customers and providing them with the best performance.

Ibox FTP Server is also one of them. This FTP server also works to give a better output to its customers.

So, if you want, you can use this server. I believe you will not be disappointed.

If you want this, then you can use their server. I’m giving the link below. If you think you need this, then you can use these links.

There are also more links on the Ibox server. Which is given below. It will be helpful for you, so, you can also use those links if you want.

Ibox FTP Server List

Every FTP server has a different port address and they are different from each other. FTP servers were primarily used to facilitate data file transfers over the ARPANET, the early forerunner to the current Internet.

Ibox FTP is one of the famous servers because of their fast internet service. For accessing all FTP servers, you must know the default gateway address. Ibox FTP is one of them.

For accessing the IBox server, you should know the default gateway address, otherwise, you won’t be able to access the server. This is all for your safety.

There are many people who are betrayed by some third-party website. They are losing their data by using these websites.

So, before using this you should know about the website. That’s why I’m giving you the secure server link. By using this you will not be harmful. The other link to Ibox FTP is here. So you can also use this link.

Ibox Server

An FTP server is essentially a computer that manages all data transmission between networked computers and provides access services and online file storage.

The FTP server waits for the client to connect before performing any tasks like uploading. It does all of these things using the FTP protocol commands.

We are looking for an FTP server because we want to get everything faster than others. In our busy lives, it becomes difficult to get time for ourselves. Sometimes we want to give some time to ourselves.

And we love to spend our time by watching our favourite series, TV shows, sports or games. And for all this, the one and only best option for us is the FTP server. The Ibox server also gives us all kinds of facilities.

Ibox TV Server


In the past, perhaps none of us could have imagined that our standard of living would improve so much. Where we had to wait week after week to watch a play. We did not have such modern information technology then.

But now, in this modern age, we can access everything at home through our smartphones. Many people like to watch TV. Most FTP servers work with them in mind.

Ibox FTP is no different. With the ibox server, we can now watch TV via the phone.

Ibox FTP Server also has a Live TV Server. We can watch all channels through this TV server. Users will also be happy after getting this kind of opportunity. I’m giving this live TV link for your convenience.

If you want to get this TV Server link, then without thinking, just click the given button.

Ibox Online

In this modern age, we all try to keep up with the rhythm. In this internet-dependent age, we are all more or less dependent on the internet for our daily activities. From food to furniture, we can buy everything we need through the internet.

All these facilities have internet. The Internet is not only making our lives easier but also helping us to keep pace with the times.

To make our life more entertaining, the FTP servers are doing their best. This server works for customer satisfaction. People are now interested in looking at their desirable things from the FTP server.

The Ibox FTP online server also has all those facilities. You can watch your favourite series, show, or anything from anywhere in the country.

This is also a big thing for us. It makes our lives more beautiful. We don’t have to go anywhere and don’t have to wait to see our favourite things with our lovely person or alone.

Final Words

The FTP server of Ibox can be visited only if you are using their internet connection. You can have any low internet package but that is not a concern because you will get at least 30 Mbps to 100 Mbps bandwidth while consuming anything from their FTP server.

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