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I know how important it is to browse the internet without any interruptions. In this case, the thing that comes in our mind is the FTP server. but every other broadband provider have there own dedicated FTP server.

Today I am going to share the renowned FTP be the server of all time. as you searching for FTP server then your requirement must be using the internet hassle free.

So, without any wasting any more time let’s get to the point.

What is MojarFTP?

This is a media server which is used for nasal free internet experience.

you can use those FTP servers in your free time and enjoy an interruption free internet experience.

But all FTP servers will not work for you as I already said. As you are under Mojar Internet services, you must choose Mojar FTP Server

you can use this FTP server of mojar from any location in Bangladesh. From these districts of Bangladesh these servers can be accessed.

  • Chattogram,
  • Sylhet,
  • Mymensingh,
  • Rajshahi,
  • Barishal,
  • Rangpur,
  • Khulna,
  • Dhaka.

Below I will be providing you with the MojarFTP server link you are looking for. with that, I will also share the Mojar FTP TV server.

Mojar FTP Server

Here I am sharing the official link of major FTP. By clicking the button below, you can visit the website.

Hey, wait! there are more. don’t forget to check below.

If this official server not working for you then comment below so we can fix it as soon as possible.

Mojar FTP Live TV Server

Mojar Live TV SERVER
Mojar Live TV SERVER

In this modern age, we watch television using the internet. So, an FTP server can help in watching buffer-free content.

Mojar TV FTP can be used for watching Live television using your internet. This tv server can be used when alone or with friends and family members.

The best thing is you don’t need a dish antenna connection. And it won’t load much while watching TV.

Does it sound cool?

I have shared some alternative FTP TV servers. you can check out them, I wish they will make your day.

The server of Mojar was so popular in the early days. I don’t know why the popularities is going down.

But most people still demand the link. That’s why I am sharing this with you today. Hope it will help you. and I will be so glad to fulfil your need.

Alternative Server of Mojar Live TV

I have shared some resources already. But if they are not working properly you must take a look at this.

I’m thinking in case my provided links won’t work, you would need an alternative to Mojar FTP TV server. Thinking of all of this, I’m sharing this below. Hope it will be helpful. Right?

Final Words

I think you have got all the resources from this post that you were looking for. but I will request you please let me know if everything is working properly.

I am very much worried my resources working or not. I don’t want to make your user experience bad. So please let me know if major FTP is working?

One Request?

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