BDIX Speed Test

This tool provided by BD FTP Servers can help measure your BDIX Internet speed accurately.

You can absolutely rely on our tool. As days will go on, we will try to introduce more awesome tools that can help you in your daily life.

Provided by BD FTP Servers

Just click the play button to test your BDIX Internet Speed, if you don’t get proper speed then quickly contact your Internet Service Provider. They will increase the speed for you. And you will benifit from it excellently.

How to use BDIX Speed Tester

It’s so simple and easy to use this tool. It’s just a one click away form you. Just press the red play button and it will measure your Internet Service Provider’s(ISP) internet speed.

Why use BDIX Sites

Bangladesh’s Internet Service Providers made this to access local contents faster. If you use normal sites you will see it must be buffering. But the sites under Bangladesh Internet Exchange or BDIX is lot faster.

Let’s take an example, you want to watch a video on youtube. What will happen?

The ISP’s cache those files when any of their user watches a video on youtube. Then when you want to access the video again, the video will be served from cache. So, no buffering will take place.

And you will able browse faster than usual. This is how BDIX works.


This post is mainly for testing your BDIX speed and also explained how BDIX works and why you should use them.