ICC FTP Server BD and Live TV 2023

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If you want to reach the fastest broadband internet connection, then you first have to stay with me to get your desired ICC FTP server information.

The ICC server is known widely because of its best internet connection. This is one of the best websites out of many.

About ICC Server

They have so many features with their best performance. There are so many reasons why you should have to use ICC FTP and the most important is that you can use their server with your eyes closed just because of their high security.

There are so many users who are always finding things they long for but cannot find, and if they do, they will not be able to get them.

But the ICC server has given you this opportunity, and you won’t believe that you can watch, and get everything you want from the ICC FTP server If you are a user of ICC Internet,


Bangladesh is now working on a different FTP server. As we know, FTP means transferring files by using the internet to other computers.

Most of the FTP server’s work is for their clients’ amusement. ICC FTP is the most helpful server for ICC Internet users.

Every user of ICC broadband internet can access their ICC server by using their IP address.

There are also FTP servers available that don’t demand that you sign in using a specific
account. These are frequently open FTP servers, used for testing or on private FTP servers hosting free software or other material.

If you know the right address and login. For your kind information, most contemporary web browsers let you access an FTP server directly from the browser window.

ICC FTP Server IP Address 10.16.1oo.244

As all of us know, IP stands for “internet protocol,” and this is an incomparable address. We also say that this is an identification of each server.

IP addresses are unique identifiers that allow data to be transmitted between devices. On a network, they are used to locate devices and enable communication between them.

The ICC FTP server also has its own IP address. If you are a user of ICC Internet, then you must know the ICC FTP IP address.

If you don’t know this IP address, you won’t be able to consume anything from the ICC server.

Sometimes people want to find the real IP address of this server, but they can’t for some reason. The main IP address of the ICC FTP Server is 10.16.1oo.244.

This IP address works so well and provides the fastest internet speed.

Users always expect their broadband internet provider they will give them the best services ever. And the broadband internet provider is also always working on that.

But sometimes it doesn’t work properly, and users don’t want to use the same Internet again. And this process is really irritating.

So, if you don’t want to face this kind of problem, you have a better option, which is ICC Internet, and I think you should not miss this opportunity.



There are two types of people you can see in this generation. One is for those who still love to watch TV in this generation.

They enjoyed that a lot and they love to watch sports, different kinds of shows, dramas, songs, etc.

And the others never watch TV, they are always using their laptops or their phones for watching something.

They won’t ever know the enjoyment of watching movies on TV by sitting together.
I think you can already guess from the heading what that is. As you can see, the ICC FTP server also has a live TV server.

That means you can now watch everything by using ICC live TV. You can watch different channels on this server. It works like a TV. You will be able to see sports, news, Natok, cartoons, and much more.

But the benefit is that this ICC server has an IP TV channel option, and here you can watch different Bangladeshi channels.

ICC FTP server Live TV is one of the most beneficial servers, and they are renowned for their services. They are mostly famous for their high-speed internet connection.

And this is the fastest internet service provider, which you won’t get from anywhere else. So, if you are facing any issues with your internet, this should be your first choice.

Final Words

What else is left after all of this? In short, this FTP server of ICC is used by all of the users nowadays and it is very much popular as they are full of all the needed materials. Moreover, they are updated a few times daily, keeping the user’s priorities in mind.

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