Amber IT FTP Server List [Updated Address]

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AmberIT is a renowned ISP or Internet Service Provider. If you’re here it means you use Amber IT internet and looking for an Amber IT FTP Server List. Am I right?

So, no need to worry BD FTP Servers will help you today and provide you with all the related working FTP Server of Amber IT.

Let’s get to the point without wasting time, my dear friend ❤️.

Amber IT FTP Server Address

The main server of AmberIT is shared below. It is the official one called binodonmela. This is mostly used by the users. I think you will get the most out of this FTP server. There are much more available which I’m going to share as well.

Hey friend! Is that what you were looking for(the Amber IT FTP Server Link)?

Do you need more?

Ok! Ok! I understand. Let’s share some FTP Servers of Amber IT with you.

Amber IT Live TV Server


TV servers are more essential than anything. You can’t deny, people don’t need a tv server. From a young age, we were entertaining ourselves by watching TV.

But these days people take an internet connection only. They don’t want to pay for dish antenna connection and extra expenses on TV cards.

So, this is nice to have a tv server from Amber IT which can save you a little amount of money and make your day.

You’ve already visited the Amber IT Server Link but there is some Live TV Server in Amber IT that you can enjoy for free. And watch TV on your internet. Is it sound good?

Ok! here goes the links to the Live TV Server of AmberIT.

Some of the links may not work, I’m so sorry friend for this. I tried my best to provide you with good pieces of stuff. But I’m sharing more Amber IT FTP Server Name, will it be enough?

I wish, Yeah! Your purpose needs to be fulfilled, that’s what my motive is!

Amber IT FTP Server List

Here is a ton of Amber IT Media Server that you might like and that can be useful in your journey. I’m again saying some links may not work, so please check your own by visiting the links.

Also let me know, which are working and which are not. So, I can update the post and your contribution will also save a lot of other users time.

EvonetBD may not work, some of my friends say it is working for them, so I listed it. If you’re lucky, It might work. Let me know in the comments If it’s working or not.

Final Words

Hey! Friend. I think I can provide you with the Working Amber IT Servers. Make sure you let me know, more working FTP site links that might help others. So, do comment and help the community.

After all, share this post with your friends and family members. I must appreciate your support. Signing out for today will come with other FTP-related information in the other post

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