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Watch 10000+ HD movies and series online for free with Mblaster Ftp Server. It is worth mentioning that the Mblaster FTP server has a separate section for Game Downloads, Software Downloads, Bangla Natoks, and lots more.

What is Mblaster server?

Mblaster is the server of BDIX. Currently, Bangladesh has many kinds and types of servers. So this is also the server of BDIX. In a nutshell, a server means a file storage system, which is what Bdix uses, and this server is hosted on a web server.

Many people are looking for a free platform where they can download all types of movies and files. The problem is that there is no website that offers free services. When you are also looking for a free platform to solve this problem, what should you do? 

Hence, I think you would enjoy having an FTP server website that offers free downloads of movies and other files. 

This is a completely secure-based server of BDIX storage. As far as mblaster server is concerned, you can use it as you wish. 

If you think this is not safe, don’t use it without a VPN. But here are the things that our BDIX service cannot be used by VPN. You need to use a Bangladesh VPN to use this server as well.

If you are a user of the mblaster network, you can basically use this server. You can use the server link below, just check it out.

Mblaster FTP Server List

There are numerous servers in Bangladesh. However, you are unable to use all of bdix’s servers. because you can make use of some BDIX services. The main cause of this is that not all servers can be reached by your Wi-Fi networks. Some servers that are reachable via your Wi-Fi network must be used.

I will now get to the point. The best BDIX server I’ve ever seen is therefore mblaster. Consequently, using this server is always simple. However, you actually want to know if you can use this server. You can use this server as you choose if it is supported for you. Please take a look at other BDIX servers on our website here if this is not supported by your Wi-Fi, though.

At this last minute, As a last-minute recommendation, I can say that the mblaster server is the best media server I’ve ever used. For example, you may quickly locate movies, software, TV shows, online series, games, live TV, and many other things here. If you are a user of this server, kindly leave a comment in the comment section. Thank you for visiting our website.

Mblaster Users

Users of the internet are growing every day. More than 9 million individuals in Bangladesh currently use smartphones. You might therefore consider how people’s interest in internet service. The majority of people who download movies and other files from the internet are unaware that many of the file download websites also host virus-infecting files.


if you are having trouble using Mblaster. In that case, kindly go to these URLs to find more bdix servers. Please leave a message in our comment section if you encounter any issues. We are available to help you at all times. If you like do share with your friends and family members.

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